Is this a blog?

No, this isn’t a blog. This is a full, interactive movie review website.


How old is Movie Deputy?

We went live April 2014


Who reviews the movies?

The majority of the reviews are done by the Deputy, the Posse assists occasionally and then the deputy makes note of that on the reviews.


Why is this different from other Movie Review sites? (i.e. Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, etc.)

That’s a simple and a complicated question in one. Our reviews are simplistic and short. We strive to make sure they are less than 300 words and that they speak to the everyday individual. On top of that, we leave our political, personal, and religious beliefs out of the reviews.

It’s our job to give you enough information to make up your own mind. Not to tell you how to think.

How often have you read a review, and stopped reading part way through because they got too technical or because it was too long? You’ll never have to deal with that here.


Please feel free to submit questions… We’re happy to answer all that we can.



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