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Midway (PG-13) (6.25)


The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the most defining moments of WWII, but it wasn’t the only defining Read More

Doctor Sleep (R) (6.25)


Danny and his mother barely escaped the Overlook all of those years ago with their lives. Only, for Dan, he Read More

Harriet (PG-13) (6.0)


Harriet Tubman, a woman synonymous with history because of her brave actions with the Underground Railroad. Only that’s not where Read More

Arctic Dogs (PG) (1.5)


A.B.D.S. Arctic Blast Delivery Service is the epitome of excellence. Their team of sled dogs is the best of the Read More

Terminator: Dark Fate (R) (6.75)


Judgement Day changed everything. The world as we understood it would never be the same, but at least it was Read More

The Gallows Act II (R) (7.0)


The Gallows, a high-school production originally done at Beatrice High School that went horribly wrong has become something much more. Read More

Countdown (PG-13) (5.0)


What if you could know exactly how long you had to live? Would you want to know? That’s what this Read More

The Current War: Directors Cut (PG-13) (5.75)


In the race to illuminate America, there were three vying for victory. Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse, all competing against one Read More

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (PG) (7.25)


The title of the queen of the moors is important because the one who is granted that title is responsible Read More

Jexi (R) (5.75)


We live in an age where screens are our priority. It’s an incredible smart age where we can access just Read More

Gemini Man (PG-13) (4.25)


It’s often said that we’re our own worst enemy. That has never been truer than now. Henry is an expert Read More

The Addams Family (PG) (4.75)


The Addams Family are the iconic family of creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and even a little ooky. They’ve Read More

Joker (R) (6.75)


Throughout the Batman saga, we’ve seen Joker in different stages of mania. What we’ve never seen is why he is Read More

Prey (PG-13) (5.75)


After experiencing the greatest loss of his life, a young man is sent on a survival expedition in order to Read More

Abominable (PG) (6.0)


The Yeti is a creature that has been told of in stories and legends since the dawn of exploration. There Read More

Hustlers (R) (3.75)


Those who work in the adult entertainment industry are riddled with many stereotypes. Are they dancers, prostitutes, etc? Those who Read More

It: Chapter Two (R) (7.25)


The losers club kids are all grown up. They’ve left Derry and left their pasts behind them, at least most Read More

Ready or Not (R) (7.0)


On your wedding night, it should be a night of magic. This particular bride will experience a wedding night unlike Read More

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (PG-13) (4.25)


Mixed families can cause a lot of conflicts, especially when dealing with teenagers. One of these young girls is obsessed Read More

Hair Love (G) (7.5)


A young girl struggles to find a way to style her hair. Watching video after video to find the perfect Read More

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (PG) (5.5)


Red saved the day last time we saw the angry birds in action. He went from a lonely loser to Read More

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