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Ready or Not (R) (7.0)


On your wedding night, it should be a night of magic. This particular bride will experience a wedding night unlike Read More

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (PG-13) (4.25)


Mixed families can cause a lot of conflicts, especially when dealing with teenagers. One of these young girls is obsessed Read More

Hair Love (G) (7.5)


A young girl struggles to find a way to style her hair. Watching video after video to find the perfect Read More

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (PG) (5.5)


Red saved the day last time we saw the angry birds in action. He went from a lonely loser to Read More

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (PG-13) (6.75)


Halloween, a time for tricks and treats. There comes an age where the fun comes to an end for many Read More

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG) (5.25)


Dora is a young girl who grew up in the jungle with her parents. Homeschooled throughout her childhood by her Read More

Capsized: Blood in the Water (TV-14) (4.75)


A simple trip aboard the Trashman would become a battle of survival against the elements. When the crew aboard finds Read More

The Lion King (PG) (5.0)


The pride lands, where the circle of life is alive and well. Carefully guarded and watched over by Mufasa the Read More

Yesterday (PG-13) (6.5)


12 seconds, that’s all it took to change the world. In those 12 seconds, Jack went from a struggling musician Read More

Annabelle Comes Home (R) (4.0)


The Warren’s have helped many people through the years. In the pursuit of helping others, they’ve collected quite the menagerie Read More

Toy Story 4 (G) (5.25)


The toys are back. Last time we saw them, Andy was lovingly giving all of his beloved toys to Bonnie. Read More

Rocketman (R) (6.75)


How do you capture someone like Elton John on the big screen? He’s larger than life in many ways but Read More

Aladdin (PG) (6.0)


Agrabah, a celebration of what’s possible. The sultan, proud and strong rules over Agrabah with a firm fist and a Read More

Ugly Dolls (PG) (6.25)


Beauty isn’t always as obvious as it seems. Sometimes it’s deeper. That’s what Moxy is determined to share with the Read More

Avengers: Endgame (PG-13) (8.0)


Thanos snapped his fingers and in that instance… half of the population of the earth disappeared. There was no distinction Read More

Breakthrough (PG) (5.75)


What could have been a horrible tragedy turned into something much more. Three boys decided to play on the ice, Read More

Dumbo (PG) (5.0)


The Medici Bros. Circus has entertained many generations. At the height of the great war, the once prosperous circus found Read More

UnPlanned (R) (8.5/10)


Pregnancy is something that some plan for but many do not. Many young women around the globe find themselves alone Read More

Us (R) (7/10)


How well do you know the person that you see in the mirror? That’s what we’re challenged to think of Read More

Captive State (PG-13) (4/10)


Years have passed since the invasion, the world has changed and so have the survivors. The aliens now control all Read More

Five Feet Apart (PG-13) (5.75)


Love knows no bounds… Whether it be the bounds that we set upon ourselves or the bounds set upon us Read More

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