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Wonder (PG)


Invisibility, a super power that many wish they could have. Only what would happen if it was thrust upon you Read More

justice league

Justice League (PG-13)


Taking ourselves out our elements is a difficult thing to do. Even when we’re doing it for the right reasons, Read More

laser team 2

Lazer Team 2 (NR)


After the last mission, the team has had more than a few issues. These issues spread across their personal and Read More

murder on the orient express

Murder on the Orient Express (PG-13)


Vision, few people have the gift to see beyond normalcy to simply see the world around them. One of them Read More

daddy's home 2

Daddy’s Home 2 (PG-13)


When last we saw these dysfunctional daddy’s, their lives were tense, to say the least. Now, a couple of years Read More

lyndon baines johnson



The highest office in America has faced unimaginable tragedy only a few times in the history. One of those times Read More

thor ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok (PG-13)


Thor, the god of thunder is at a crossroad in life. He has found himself in a vulnerable position. What Read More

the killing of a sacred deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (R)


A cardiologist will find himself in a difficult situation after he loses a particular patient. The harder that he tries Read More

a bad moms christmas

A Bad Moms Christmas (R)


The moms are very likely on the naughty list for sure this year, though not for the reasons you might Read More

keep watching

Keep Watching (R)


A family vacation comes to an end and the family is back to their routine. Their first night home is Read More

thank you for your service

Thank You For Your Service (R)


Those that serve the country should be held in the highest respect. Many of them (if not most) come home Read More

let there be light

Let There Be Light (PG-13)


There are always answers to the things that we seek. Sometimes those answers come from common sense and sometimes they Read More


Suburbicon (R)


Suburbs are neighborhoods where life goes along at a slower pace. That is Suburbia, a refuge away from everday life. Read More

All I See Is You

All I See Is You (R)


Review Click here to check out more great movie reviews! How would you rate this movie? Would you recommend this Read More

father unknown

Father UnKNOWn (NR)


There are few things that are certain in life. One of them is simple for many, answering the question of Read More

a return to grace: luther's life and legacy

A Return to Grace: Luther’s Life and Legacy (TV-PG)


There was once a time when the Catholic church determined the doctrine of all of Christianity. One young man, struggling Read More

only the brave

Only The Brave (PG-13)


First responders are too often overlooked when people think of superheroes. In the age of Marvel, DC, etc… it’s easy Read More


Geostorm (PG-13)


The earth is changing, right before our eyes. When it seems out of control, there is only one option. To Read More

boo 2 a madea halloween

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (PG-13)


Tiffany is turning 18 and thinks she has it all figured out. Since her birthday falls the day before Halloween, Read More

same kind of different as me

Same Kind of Different as Me (PG)


Everybody has a story to tell, each of them is unique. Many may share similarities but there are many things Read More

the snowman

The Snowman (R)


The first snow of the season is supposed to represent a renewal. In Norway however, it represents something much darker. Read More

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