50 to 1 (PG-13) (2014)

6.25 Stars (6.25 / 10)

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A true story of Name That Bird, no it’s not a new game show. It’s a horse that has the heart to change the lives of all involved. We see a struggling stable and a trainer that won’t quit. A bar fight turns strangers into friends. These friends work together when it all seems lost. They have many things in common and their friendship might cloud their judgement. When one of them wants to take a gamble on a longshot, it’s faith and trust that make the decision even when reason is out the window. This gamble puts a strain on their friendship and their families. It’s the belief in one another that hold everything together. When times are toughest, our character shines through. Our character determines everything. Do we have the strength to stand our ground or is there a point when we have to throw in the towel? This underdog story gives us hope. Things don’t always go as planned but maybe that is the plan. Friendship, honor and faith carry us through and this movie reinforces all of the above. There are some situations that don’t go along with the idea of the film but they do show real life. What do your words/actions say about your character?


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