7 Days in Entebbe (PG-13) (2018)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | 107 Min
3.3 out of 10 stars (3.3 / 10)
seven days in entebbe

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Tensions between Israel and Palestine had been escalating for quite some time before this event. Both sides fought for freedom in their own ways. The primary difference was their approach. Freedom fighters that were aligned with Palestinian ideals decided to make a bold statement to not only Israel but to the world. These actions would set in place a series of events that would change how the world dealt with these situations. Dedicated freedom fighters for their cause hijacked a plane and diverted it to an area that would give them an advantage. In doing so they would risk everything to make a statement, including risking the lives of others. This isn’t just some Hollywood story, this is the story of an actual event that happened in 1976. The presentation is extremely slow and at times difficult to follow as it jumps around in the time frame of the hijackers’ lives. At the same time suffering a bit of an identity crisis as there are insertions of dance. This was meant to be an art presentation as well as touching on a piece of history. Where it ended up is definitely up for interpretation. Historically, it’s close… but it’s also presented from a perspective that will be very off-putting for some. If you’re looking for a highly controversial artsy version of this event, then you’ll enjoy this. If not, I’d recommend avoidance.

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