A Bridge Too Far (PG) (1977)

7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)

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A crucial point during World War II, caused those in charge to come up with an unconventional idea. This idea became “Operation Market-Garden“. This entire operation hinged on the ability to pull off something that had never been done before. It quickly became a situation where desperation bred ingenuity. The U.S. forces had a plan to drop in behind enemy lines and take the necessary actions that would ultimately lead to taking the city of Arnhem. Through this, they would encounter multiple difficulties, on both sides. Almost as if the enemy knew what was happening before it happened… Even though they didn’t take the idea seriously themselves. This is an intensely accurate depiction of a time that changed the war for all involved. Granted, the historical value of the story brings a lot to the plate… The all star cast also adds to the portrayal of what happened. History buffs will be intrigued at the accuracy and detail, all while enjoying a portrayal that brought the story home. This is so much more than a Hollywood story, this is history. These were real people who fought and died. Let us not ever get lost in the Hollywood so much that we forget the history of those involved.

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