A Cure for Wellness (R) (2017)

Mystery, Thriller | 146 min
6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)
a cure for wellness

Movie Info

  • Countries: Germany, USA
  • Genres: Mystery, Thriller
  • Languages: English, German

The Review

The Human Condition, an ailment that we all suffer from. Is it possible to find a cure for it? Is it an inevitable condition? Or is there something more? One young man is about to find out the hard way. A colleague finds himself the recipient of an invitation to an exclusive resort and once there finds it difficult to leave. The thing is, he is desperately needed for an upcoming business venture. Because of the intensity of the situation, a specific young man is chosen to retrieve him from this resort. Upon his arrival, he quickly realizes that there is much more to this place than what is on the surface. Tragedy will soon befall him and he’ll be forced into a scenario where he’ll find himself participating in all that there is to offer. In doing so he’ll uncover much more than he bargained for. Will they get out in time? What is the reason behind the wellness resort to begin with? These will all be answered and more as the story plays out. Although it’s somewhat predictable, it’s done so in such a way that it will keep you glued to your seat with continued curiosity. Stay with this to the end, this is an intense psychological thriller that will haunt you long after the credits are done. Come prepared for the cure, and stay for the creativity… Will there be more… let’s hope so.

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