Action Point (R) (2018)

Comedy | 85 Min
4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)
action point

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Amusement parks bring up ideas of family fun with rides, entertainment, snacks and more. Or at least they should. Action point, on the other hand, doesn’t bring up any of those. What Action point delivers is unbridled fun with no rules and all of the risk. It all seems like fun and games until someone gets hurt (oh wait, that’s half the fun). The fun memories of this amusement park are shared from grandfather to granddaughter in a day of sharing fond memories. Details from the very beginning to the iconic (tragic) end. It’s more of a story of family and friendship that is also about the adventures of the park. Definitely not what you’d expect, it is over the top stunts and jackassery. Many of the scenes are reminiscent of the Jackass series and rightfully so as much of the cast has returned for this. Unlike the Jackass movies, however, though, this has some heart to it that carries it through the chaos. You may find yourself asking if it’s enough to overcome the idiocy though. Some may say yes, others, not so much. Though not for everyone, it has its audience. Does that include you? Only you know for sure.

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