Alice Through the Looking Glass (PG) (2016)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 113 min
6.0 Stars (6.0 / 10)
alice through looking glass

Movie Info

  • Countries: USA, UK
  • Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
  • Language: English

The Review

When we last saw Alice, she was sailing off to conquer impossible adventures. This picks up where we left off. In the years since her adventures in Wonderland, her life has been filled with adventure but it’s missing something. It’s only upon returning home that she begins to realize that what she’s looking for is back in Wonderland, only she doesn’t know it yet. When her personal life takes a drastic turn, she must make a decision that will change everything. Only before she can do that, she finds herself with an opportunity that she can’t pass up. Upon arrival into Wonderland, she soon realizes that something is wrong. When she comes to realize what the problem is, she must face the reality of the situation and face a word that she does her best to avoid. Her adventures as she tries to make everything right, will teach her much about herself. This journey will also reveal things about the other inhabitants of Wonderland that will leave you in shock and awe. Tim Burton went above and beyond in this sequel, the story is so much more developed and it just seems to draw you in throughout. That being said, there still seems to be something missing (though I am perplexed to say what). You’ll surely be entertained and leave with more than you imagined. Enjoy this for what it is and you’ll be smiling like the Cheshire cat.

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alice through looking glass

Trailer: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Adventure, Family, Fantasy