Alita Battle Angel (PG-13) (7.5/10)

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    Doctor Ido is a cyber specialist that many in his community rely on to fix what’s broken. He’s always on the search for pieces and parts to repair/replace what needs fixing to keep people going. Though the term people isn’t what it once was. Always on the lookout for that certain something, he comes across something that shouldn’t be in the waste from the last great sky city “Zolum”. After taking her home, he’ll quickly realize that she is something special. Using bits and pieces from his own past, he’ll put her together and help to teach her the ways of society. Try as he may she still feels out of place. One night she’ll follow Ido and when she does, some of her past will begin to reveal itself. With the help of a new friend, she’ll quickly find her footing and as she does, she’ll exceed all expectations. Within her lies the hope for a revolution that is restless to be reborn. As she begins this process, everything she has ever known will be called into question. Will she follow what is expected of her or will she follow her heart? That question and so many others will be answered along this adventure, as well as creating many more questions along the way. Expect the unexpected and you’ll enjoy the ride. Let’s just hope this isn’t the last we see of Alita…

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