All Saints (PG) (2017)

Drama, Religious, | 108 min
5.25 Stars (5.25 / 10)
all saints

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A young pastor that is determined to make a name for himself is about to learn about life the hard way. He’s aggressively chased ideas, trying to make ends meet for his family. This newest endeavor is supposed to be a stepping stone for him to move on to bigger and better things. Little does he know that he’ll be taught the real meaning of the price and the value of the things around him. How he’ll come to learn this lesson is beyond his understanding at first, but he quickly learns that the decisions are not in his hands alone. Only in risking this endeavor, he is risking everything. What is the motivation for what he is doing? Is it personal? professional? or is it something more? That will all be revealed as this touching story unfolds. What they discover, goes beyond their own imaginations and it impacts the entire community. This incredible telling is based on a true story. Make sure and stay into the credits for insights into the lives of the actual people involved.

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