All The Money In The World (R) (2017)

Biography, Crime, Drama, History, | 132 Min
4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)
all the money in the world

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How much are your loved ones worth to you? All the money in the world or nothing, or maybe somewhere in between. That’s exactly the scenario that John Paul Getty (JPG) found himself in after his grandson was kidnapped. Abigail (Harris) Getty was beside herself, doing anything and everything imaginable to get her son home. Facing her former father-in-law was the hardest part of the process. First of all, she couldn’t even get to him to face him, and secondly, he took a much harsher stance on getting John Paul Getty III back than she did. He refused to pay anything! To him, there were very few things in life worth paying full price for, and as much as he revered his grandson… He refused to pay. That put Abigail in an impossible situation. Though JPG refused to pay, he offered the services of one of his men. Along with Abigail, and this new help, there might be some hope. So much at stake, and the value of life. What is priceless to some is worthless to others, at least as far as the value of a dollar goes. Personal sentiment has to be removed from the situation, is the stance of JPG. Whereas from the stance of a mother, that’s all there is, is the personal sentiment. Though difficult to watch at times, this is an actual situation that involved actual individuals. The portrayal is epic in its own right but definitely limits the audience. History has its highs and lows, and the presentation of which can be highly debated. Where this falls is entirely up to the viewer…

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