Alpha (PG-13)

6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)

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    Becoming a man is much more than simply aging. During the time period after the last ice age, the test to become a man involved a journey/hunt that would solidify one’s position in the people of the village. Keda wasn’t ready for what lay ahead of him. Alongside his father and others, he would make the trek across the mountains and plains to the hunting ground. When an accident occurs, Keda will pay the ultimate price for a simple accident. After this, his family tribe mourned him and moved on. Only, the accident that should have cost Keda his life… only stunned him. Now he is all alone in a harsh environment with only the brief teachings his father gave him. As he begins to make his way towards home, he’ll have to deal with a personal injury and soon another difficulty as well. An unexpected ally that went from foe to friend. Together, they would journey towards the stars in Keda’s tattoo. Their journey would test them mentally and physically, but would they reach their destination before the first snow… This story is about much more than it appears on the surface. It’s not just about a hunt, it’s about a boy finding himself in his own strength and finding what his limits really are. Showing all of us that what we think may be our breaking point, may just be leading us in a new direction.

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