Annabelle (R) (2014)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 99 min
(6 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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Dolls, they’re adored by children and collected by adults. A darker side to this is they’re even used as conduits for the spirit world. Here we see a nice Catholic couple getting ready to add to their family. Prior to the arrival, the husband surprises his wife with a doll she has been searching for. Shortly after, a horrific tragedy happens and the origination of the tragedy becomes the ongoing nightmare. The doll that was such a treasured gift is now something that will bring nightmares and horror. When the baby arrives, things go from bad to worse. The conduit is the doll and what has been summoned can only be appeased one way. When the price is to much to pay… Someone or something has to take its place. The family, their friends and even their priest are involved. In the end, to stop the madness, Annabelle gets what she wants. Though it’s not what it would appear to be. What will happen to her? Who will she terrorize next? Is it ever possible to escape? Come see this spine tingling, edge of your seat thriller/horror movie that definitely lives up to the hype. From the creators of “The Conjuring”… This will not disappoint… If you’re looking to be scared that is…

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Horror, Mystery, Thriller