ANON (TV-MA) (2018)

110 (Min)
6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)

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    A not too distant future, in a world of transparency, where crime and the truth are virtually and realistically always known, somebody is hacking it. Can you do that? Sort of, yes. It’s a found footage/The Circle meets Minority Report kind of feel except seen through actual POV (Point of View) like a first-person shooter game. Make sense or sounds like an interesting mix? Finding this person/memory hacker is getting to be pretty difficult seeing how they literally fill in their tracks with edited virtual memories. “Everything is connected, everything is vulnerable.” How close is that to real for you? The thought of how close we are to this being a reality should scare you. If not, well then see what an idea of what it could be through the eyes or point of view of the movie then. It’s a slower burn/build t, but it draws you in enough to want to know what happens. It’s beautifully shot with a lot of style and pretty well acted. Although the payoff is a bit predictable it’s still fun to watch and worth it. All in all a pretty good Netflix Sci-Fi/Thriller original movie. Sound like it’s worth the watch to you?

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