Aquaman (PG-13)

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)

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    Arthur Curry was a product of a love that should have never existed. His mother was royalty from Atlantis, his father a lighthouse keeper, his existence was seen as a threat from those in power. In order to save him, his mother made the ultimate sacrifice leaving Arthur to wonder about her. Even with the help of some friends from the deep he was left wondering about things that he may never find the answer to. When the time comes that those from the deep need his help, he is conflicted. He has his life on the surface, and ties to a world he knows nothing about. He must be willing to risk everything to seek the unknown. His arrival isn’t as welcoming as he may have thought, as a member of his family is anything but welcoming. It will be a fight to the death, only who will win. That is where it gets complicated, there is only one way to win this war. The help of a trident that has been lost to time. Seeking it would risk everything that either of them has ever fought for. Yet, they embark on this impossible quest. It’s not without challenges along the way. The end of this story may be predictable but the adventure to get there is not. There is enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat and enough drama to appeal to a wide audience. Is it for everyone, maybe not but if you have an interest prior to going then you might find something special.

    Stay into the credits for a special bonus scene that you won’t want to miss.

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