Atomic Blonde (R) (2017)

Action, Mystery, Thriller, | 115 Min
6.0 Stars (6.0 / 10)
atomic blonde

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The fall of the Berlin Wall was one of the most memorable happenings in European / World History. What no one knew was what was going on during this time frame. Most everyone knows the stories of James Bond, Jason Bourne, John Wick, and others. Do you know the story of Lorraine Broughton? Well, you’re about to. Lorraine is brought in for an interrogation regarding recent events. She must detail her events through East and West Berlin over the period of time right around the time of the fall of the wall. MI6 and the CIA are directly involved with this investigation. Her personal account of activities will lead you on a high intense journey down the proverbial rabbit hole. This action packed adventure brings you all of the action and mystery with long cut fight scenes that are intense, to say the least. Come along and experience this for all it has to offer. That being said, there are scenes within this that will take some far outside of their comfort zones. Pushing the limits beyond where some are comfortable. Some might appreciate that, others, not so much. It’s definitely not for everyone but there is definitely an audience that appeals to. Is that you? Only you can decide for sure.

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