Bao (PG) (2018)

Animation, Drama, Family, Short, | 6 Min
6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

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    Family and tradition are rich in cultures around the world. This story may seem a bit odd to some but at the center of the story is both family and tradition. An Asian family, that is close struggles to find a way to share with one another. One tradition that brings families together is cooking. So we see the mama here making dumplings. Just as one of the dumplings is about to be steamed, it comes to life. The mama nurtures this little dumpling through the years and watches him grow and change into an independent being that may not need her as much as he once did. As the next generation gets older, they don’t need their parents as much. It’s part of growing up. Only this particular mama can’t deal with the separation of her family. In retaliation, she takes an action that could jeopardize everything. One action by one person that’s really all it takes to change the dynamic. Though a bit dark for some animation, it’s aimed more at the generation that grew up with the original Incredibles than the younger generation that the movie also appeals to. That being said, it’s got originality and creativity that are appealing in its own way. Be sure to catch the movie on time to enjoy this short. It’ll definitely be a conversational piece long after the movie is done.

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