Bears (2014)

Documentary | 78 min
(5.8 / 10)
bears, disney nature

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  • Language: English

The Review

A surprising documentary. We see a story of Sky and her two cubs Amber and Scout from awakening in their den through their first year of life. The surprisingly refreshing part is this is told from the animals point of view. I’d say the bears point of view, but there are other animals involved too. Through this journey we are invited to see Sky and her cubs’ experience life in their first year. Sky allows us to see the moments good and bad that she goes through. Her natural mother’s instinct and what that drives her to do. Throughout this journey, there is a raven that turns out to be quite an asset to Sky, Amber, and Scout. This documentary was so refreshing because instead of the whole narration being done from our point of view… We see it from theirs.

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bears, disney nature

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