Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Drama, War | 137 min
(6.8 / 10)
beasts of no nation

Movie Info

  • Languages: English, Akan

The Review

An extraordinary drama about a young boy named Agu and what he does to survive in a war-torn region of Africa. Agu lives in a small village, surrounded by family and friends. On the surface, it would appear that everything is as it should be. In fact that is the case until militants show up in his village and begin brutally executing those around him. Agu follows some advice and escapes. He runs until he can’t run anymore and is rescued by others that are also on the run. He sees these others as a means to an end but in order to get to that end… he must do things that he never could have imagined. What he goes through with this group of individuals will change him forever. He will never be the innocent child that he was when he left his village but will any of that innocence remain.. That remains to be seen. This stunning drama looks deep into the heart of a young boy. As the camera goes along with him, it almost feels like a documentary instead of a film but that’s how it’s meant to be. The brutality that is portrayed is extremely graphic and definitely not for some audiences. There are some areas that almost don’t fit in with the rest but don’t let those distract you. Whether you watch this at a local theater or on Netflix (it’s a Netflix original), it’ll touch you deeply… Just be prepared for the intensity and you’ll see the beauty portrayed.

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