Berlin Syndrome (R) (2017)

Thriller | 116 Min
(5.8 / 10)
berlin syndrome

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  • Language: English, German, English Subtitles

The Review

A young woman from Australia is on a personal adventure to explore the world. Enjoying life and all it has to offer along the way. At least that’s what she had planned. When she arrived in Berlin, her life would change in ways that she never thought imaginable. She would soon encounter a debonaire gentleman that would sweep her off her feet, little did she know what his true intentions would be. What began as a dreamy romance soon became something much darker. The charm that drew her to him in the first place would soon be that which would control every aspect of her life. His issues stem much deeper than that which you see on the surface. As the story plays out, the devil truly is in the details. So pay attention. By the time she realizes what is going on, it’s too late. How will she ever have a chance to get away? Or will his control of her be too great? The answer to that isn’t as obvious as it may seem. The story itself goes forth at an anticipatingly slow pace, a few moments of excitement help to carry the story through. The acting is what will keep you entranced throughout, one particular character carries the show throughout. Which one? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

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