Birth of the Dragon (PG-13) (2017)

Action, Biography, Drama, | 103 Min
6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)
birth of the dragon

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Kung Fu is a path to self discovery if practiced correctly. The masters that handed this ancient art down from one generation to another, guarded it with their lives. As the years passed, kung fu would find it’s way to the western world through one of these masters. This young master, a young man named Bruce Lee would have his own ideas as to how it should be taught and carried forth. Even though his masters had one idea, he was determined to carve out his own path. That’s where Wong Jack Man comes into the story. A traditionalist, Wong Jack Man is devoted to the ancient art the way it has been for generations. He faces his own personal dilemma and finds himself face to face with Lee in the mysterious western world. These two masters will soon find themselves at odds because of their methods, their ideas and their ideals. Is there any way to settle their differences? That’s where the controversy begins. Legend tells of a fight that occurred between these two. Who the winner/loser were plays out on screen, but as to how it really happened. No one that is alive today really knows for sure. Whatever happened that fateful day doesn’t change the magic that happens on screen. A story much deeper than what is seen on the surface will unfold before your eyes. Martial arts enthusiasts will be enthralled by the experience. Even those who aren’t into the sport itself might find something more than they expected. Only you know for sure.

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