Braven (R) (2018)

Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Suspense, Thriller | 94 (Min)
5.5 out of 10 stars (5.5 / 10)

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Joe is a logger and has a great family up in the mountains. He looks after his father who is suffering from dementia. Feeling as if he and his family is unable to properly care for his father, Joe decides to take him up to their cabin to have some time with him and discuss other possible options for his care. A colleague and friend has been stashing drugs in the log shipments but due to an accident on a delivery has had to store the stash of drugs in Joe’s cabin until he can come back to get them when it’s all cleaned up. Well guess what happens next. Yep, his friend arrives with the man who wants his drugs back and Joe and his father are now in the way. Survival is now the discussion and only option for him and his father. The movie itself is pretty much what you expect if you’ve seen the trailer for it. And yet has a bit of heart and surprisingly the acting isn’t bad either. It takes itself seriously when it has to and yet silly at times but pulls it off pretty well. And for a movie like this, that doesn’t always happen often. The acting is on point, the shots are beautiful and it’s simply a fun, cliche with very few layers to it type of movie. For what it is, it’s just entertaining to watch. And hey, it’s Jason Momoa.

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