Breakthrough (PG) (5.75)

5.8 out of 10 stars (5.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    What could have been a horrible tragedy turned into something much more. Three boys decided to play on the ice, even after being warned about the dangers. When the ice gave way beneath them, it became a battle against time. Two of the three were pulled to safety. One of them, however, had been under the water far too long. When his cold and lifeless body was recovered, CPR was administered and continued until all efforts had been exhausted at the hospital. Even though his family had been notified, they arrived too late. In a desperate plea, his mother called out to God to save her son. In some incredible happenstance, he came back. His doctors assured his parents that his recovery would be long and arduous if he recovered at all. Being that his brain had been so long without oxygen, it was unlikely. Soon, the doctors would begin to see things that defied medical understanding. Even just the fact that he was alive was beyond understanding. Was it a miracle? Was it science? Was it somewhere in between? So many things aren’t understood, or it is that some just don’t have the grasp on the understanding to make sense of it? So many unanswered questions… A story that is truly inspirational that will certainly incite many conversations between believers and non-believers alike. What do you think happened? Why?

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