Bridget Jones Baby (R) (2016)

Comedy, Romance | 123 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)
bridget joness baby

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  • Registration: 50510
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Language: English

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Relationships can be messy. Bridget has learned that first hand, that’s why she’s made the decision to focus on her career. All of her friends are getting married and having kids, even in the midst of all of that she is excelling… Because she refuses to be anyone but herself. Even in the midst of everything, she still needs something that most of us require… Basic human companionship. An important event that she’s required to attend will bring her face to face with someone special from her past. Shortly after that, she’ll run into someone else that will complicate her life even further. So she has and old flame and a new spark. There’s about to be a further complication to this trio though… This complication is explained in the title. So with both of the fires burning in her life… Which is responsible for this turn of events? It’s too close to call. The upcoming months will be full of adventure, comedy, and chaos. Bridget is herself as always (only now with raging hormones), and the supporting cast will have you either rooting forᅠ#TeamMark or #TeamJack. Who is the father? Will she finally get her happily ever after? Or is her destiny something more… Find out for yourself in this charming comedy that revisits the Bridget that many came to know and love in the beginning, with a bit more maturity. Bringing the story full circle and leaving room for more…

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bridget joness baby

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Comedy, Romance

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