CHIPS (R) (2017)

Action, Comedy, Crime, | 100 min
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)

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The California Highway Patrol is one of the many law enforcement agencies that help to keep America Safe. This, however, does not represent them. Here we meet a formerly famous motocross driver who is at a pivotal point in his life. At this point, he has decided to join the CHP. Unfortunately, although he has many talents, his abilities to perform to the standards of the CHP are severely lacking. He’ll soon come across someone who is willing to take a chance on him. That’s where the hilarity begins. His partner is as much of a misfit as he is. Transferring in from another department in the hopes of breaking the “big one”. If they could only stay focused on the job at hand, they could have a chance at succeeding. This is definitely what you might expect. It has little to nothing to do with the original besides the fact that they’re cops on motorcycles. An absolutely outrageous comedy that exceeds in its absurdity. Much of the content is completely inappropriate for younger viewers (and even for many others as well). As absurd and obscene as it is… there is a definite appeal to some. As Dax Shepard‘s writing and directorial debut, I’d have to say that this was a win, that is if he was going for this level of… whatever this is. It’s destined to be remembered if for nothing else than the hilarious insanity throughout… Could it be the next cult classic… who knows.

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