Christopher Robin (PG)

8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)
christopher robin

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    Christopher Robin and the hundred acre wood are an iconic part of history. The hundred acre wood comes from the imagination of an incredible young boy. He brought some of his favorite toys to life, in doing so he was able to see life through their eyes as well as his own. The time came in his life where he would have to leave childish things behind and grow up. Experiencing the hardships of life and of responsibility transformed the fun-loving boy into a hard and cold adult. This adult had a family of his own, but his priorities were a bit misplaced. That’s when one of his old friends decided that it was time to find the boy inside the man. When Pooh shows up, he needs Christopher Robins help to find the rest of his friends in the hundred acre wood. Only, Christopher Robin has plans of his own. With the help of Pooh, he’ll come to see the beauty of his childhood once again. In doing so, he would see the impact of the man that he has become. With the help of his daughter, he’ll soon come to realize what is truly important. How that affected his life at home and at work is incredibly heartwarming. As the story unfolds before your very eyes, be prepared to be transported back to the innocence that we all held so dear. This is bound to be as much of a classic as the original story itself.

    There is some special bonus content in the credits that is reminiscent of old home movies and it’s worth waiting for.

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