Concussion (PG-13) (2015)

Biography, Drama, Sport | 123 min
8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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  • Language: English

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The human brain is something we are just beginning to understand. It can be difficult to imagine that something so small can be so significant. Things like mental illnesses are beginning to be understood as hereditary (although there are still more questions than answers). Other things likeᅠDepression, Psychological changes and Alzheimers (amongst others) are still areas that science is catching up with. That’s where this story goes. Football players come into contact with one another regularly, causing physical injury to different extents… Until now that’s all the further they looked. When one former NFL player’s death raises some concerns, one forensic pathologist had the balls to look deeper when no one else would. The results he uncovered were startling but it takes more than a single case to change anything. The deeper he looked, the more he found which ultimately led to a nightmare being uncovered. The thing is, there is an organization that was determined to keep this under wraps. What would that be… None other than the NFL. Even when they became aware that this was happening, they chose to discredit the information and the people involved. There was someone though that fought for those affected by this. Fighting all the way to Washington… Was that enough? You’ll have to watch this and see how it turned out. This story exposed more information than was ever available in the media and leaves you to draw your own conclusions. A definite must watch for all, football fan or not… There is something here for everyone. Come prepared for an experience, unlike anything you’ve experienced before that will remain with you long after the credits are done.

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Biography, Drama, Sport