Death of a Nation (PG-13)

8.3 out of 10 stars (8.3 / 10)
death of a nation

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    Freedom, we think we understand what that term means… but do we really understand it? There’s so much more to it than many can grasp. The founding fathers laid it out for us to understand in simple terms that were meant for everyone. Freedom was intended for everyone. So why is it so mixed up? There are so many terminologies nowadays that people think define freedom (or the absence of freedom). We hear words/terms like fascism, socialism, nazi, fake news, alt-right, and think that these terms are  meant for one side or another politically. Information that is presented here challenges those ideas not with thoughts or assumptions, but with facts and historical data. This is a powerful message that needs to be seen. It doesn’t just challenge ideas, it takes it a step further with details and analysis of factual historical data. Are you prepared to realize the truth? Are you content with living your life without knowing what is really going on? Are you prepared for the consequences if something doesn’t change? There’s no easy answer, there are only facts and freedom.

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