Divergent (PG) (2014)

Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi | 139 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)

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  • Country: USA
  • Languages: English, Spanish

The Review

This is a story that goes beyond challenging what we think. The characters in the movie grow up in “factions“, from birth they are raised in one of 5 different sects of people in a post apocalyptic world. At the age of maturity they go through a test then are forced to choose to stay with those they know or go with what they want, or what they’re destined to be (the test). Once this choice is made, there’s no going back. A very controlled society, very rigid in how things are done as well as who does them. There are the intelligent, the honest, the selfless, the peaceful and the brave. You’re only allowed to be one of these. If you are more than one, then you are divergent. If you aren’t any, than you’re a factionless.ᅠᅠBoth the factionless and the divergent are viewed by the otherᅠfactions as a scourge of society. We witness people of different factions displaying attributes, good and bad. We see divergents and how they’re dealt with. There comes a time when we either have to let fear define us or we define our fears. In this society, fear is either a strength or a weakness… How do you define fear? Watch it and find out.

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Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi