Dog Days (PG)

7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
dog days

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    Dogs, we call them our best friends, our protectors, our babies… but what are we to them. Some may call us pet parents, others may just call themselves owners as if dogs were a piece of property instead of a living, loving, creature. This story is about much more than dogs, it’s about how the lives of those who have dogs are enriched by having them. That manifests itself in different forms, and that is what this story is really about. An old man loses his best friend, a young girl struggling to fit in, a woman who has given up on love, and a rescue that is on its last legs. Sounds like a mish-mash of ideas but it works. You see, what brings all of these stories together is their 4 legged friends. Dogs hold a special place in our hearts and what this journey shows us is that even though stories and experiences may be different, the love of a dog is constant. If you’re an animal lover, you will fall in love with this story. It’s much more than it seems, just come prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride, that will leave you begging for more (in a good way).

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