Dunkirk (PG-13) (2017)

Action, Drama, History, | 106 min
5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)

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Dunkirk, an intense and exhilarating story of rescue. Against all odds, a group of individuals risked everything to save others. Winston Churchill proclaimed it as a defeat, but even at that. How can you consider something a defeat if the final toll of survivors is ten times (10x) what had been expected. The Germans had bombed the beach and the fleet at Dunkirk. Leaving thousands upon thousands stranded as they wait for something that they thought would never arrive. As fast as the decisions were being made to rescue those that they could, there were so many more being left behind. Hard decisions had to be made and in doing so it meant sentencing the rest to die (or so they thought). That would have been the likely outcome had a bunch of civilians from around the war torn area brought themselves into the mix. These men bravely put themselves in harms way to save those left behind. Hope didn’t seem to exist on the beach that day, that is until those who were willing stepped forth to change history. This presentation of the story of Dunkirk / Operation Dynamo is presented in exquisite detail. The sights and sounds bring you right into the heart of what was happening. Even with that though, the story itself is presented without much of a plotline. Those familiar with history can appreciate the pinpoint accuracy for the greater part of the movie. The remainder of individuals that experience this may find it a bit boring as it’s portrayed with more realism and less of the Hollywood’esque additions. Though definitely not for everyone, there is something to be appreciated here.

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