Early Man (PG) (2018)

Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sport, | 89 Min
6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)
early man

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The game of football has been around since the beginning of man. Primitive neanderthals found ways to pass the time by kicking balls back and forth. These actions were recorded on cave paintings to commemorate these moments throughout history. Unfortunately, these historical moments were lost to future generations. That was until one young man found these paintings and decided to re-introduce it to the people. That was the initial thought, at least. Little did he know that a civilized society existed just outside their valley. This society was enamored with this game called football (soccer), thinking that they had been the instigators of the game, they were proud and prideful. That attitude would be their downfall though when they encroached on the Neanderthals. It put the sides against another, bringing into question which side was truly civilized. The decision would come down to a single game, to the victors go the spoils. Who will emerge victoriously? Though the answer may seem predictable, the story more than makes up for it. A touching tribute to Aardman, this is a light-hearted family story for all ages. Even paying homage to Manchester United along the way. Football (soccer) fans will find much to enjoy along this timeless tale of teamwork.

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