Everybody Wants Some!! (R) (2016)

5.25 Stars (5.25 / 10)

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The Review

The personas we create for ourselves in High School sometimes stay with us long after graduation. What these kids are about to realize is that who they were when they graduated, isn’t who they are now. They’re all baseball players at STU Southeast Texas University and they’re all determined to do whatever it takes to get discovered. Through self exploration and experimentation (women / drugs / etc), they’re all about to learn the hard way what life is really about. Together they’ll each find something unique about themselves and each other in this eternal quest. Why is it eternal? Because the learning never really ends. Life is full of fast balls, curve balls and even some fouls. It’s all about whether we stand there and let the ball pass us by or if we take a swing and go for it (even if we miss). We’re invited into the inner circle of this group of boys as they figure this out. Their journey is both heart warming and heart wrenching at times. You’ll laugh, you’ll rock out to some classic rock (considering it’s set in 1970’s) and best of all you’ll discover something special that you weren’t expecting. Stay into the credits for something a little special that will catch you by surprise. A fun coming of age film that’s all about taking what life throws at you and making the most of it. Make the most of this and have fun.

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