Everything Will Be Okay (2015)

Short, Drama, Thriller | 30 min
(6.5 / 10)
everything will be okay

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  • Language: German

The Review

In a custody battle there are no winners. Each parent might label themselves the winner but in many cases the child ends up losing. From the child’s perspective, they are losing a parent, or at minimum that everything is different. In this situation, a desperate father will take extraordinary measures to make sure that he doesn’t lose his daughter. In doing so he makes decisions that don’t make much sense to her, but he bribes her with toys and activities as an attempt to distract her. When part of his plans get changed at the last minute, he must improvise. In this moment, she sees an opportunity to go home. In his desperation, he makes a decision that will break them forever. This is an emotional drama about a parent’s love and how that can become desperation when pushed past a breaking point. As parent’s, what is the breaking point? I’d imagine it’s different for each parent. What should be remembered first and foremost is that it’s not about the parents, it’s about the child(ren) in these matters. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to step into their shoes for a moment… and though children cannot make these decisions for themselves, they should be included.

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