Glass (PG-13)

7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)

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    The Review

    We have gotten to see the abilities of some extraordinary individuals. Elijah has his intelligence, David has his abilities, and Kevin has his personalities. Before I go any further… I should add that before you see Glass, you’ll need to see both Unbreakable and Split to understand the story that is about to unfold. After what was revealed in the other movies, certain individuals have been taken into custody. One of them remains free, but won’t remain that way. As the three of them are brought together, a therapist is there to delve into the origins of their abilities. Are they superhuman or are they simply products of their environments/upbringings? What is revealed in therapy will bring to light whether they are simply personal abilities or paranormal anomalies. As things are brought to light, the truth will reveal itself in the unlikeliest of ways. There is a deeper plot at play in this matter. When it is brought to light what is really happening… It will change everything. This third installment of the series may seem like the story has come full circle… Only there’s much more that isn’t readily obvious, a seemingly innocent act by someone connected to this group will change the world. The question then becomes, is the world ready for what happens next? Let’s hope so.

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