Gods of Egypt (PG-13) (2016)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 126 min
5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)
gods of egypt

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The Gods of Egypt have overseen its rule for thousands of years. During that time there was peace and prosperity. When the time came to crown someone new, something happened that would change the balance forever. A usurper to the throne has taken over and what was once a pleasant homeland, was now full of chaos. The only hope lies within a mortal, that seems the unlikeliest of heroes. He is a mere thief whose own personal goals will come in conflict with that which he must do to help bring order back to the realm. This is a good story about determination and staying true to what you believe in. It delves into a bit religious folklore without going too deep. In short, it’s Indiana Jones meets Hercules (Disney cartoon). That all sounds great, but as kewl as it sounds… It lacks in many areas. The CGI is extreme at both ends of the scale, some parts are absolutely exquisite and others make you wonder if this was done by amateurs. The continuity of the characters leaves a bit to be desired as well, obvious flaws that distract from the story that is being told. Can you look past all the errors? Possibly.. but should you? No. Fans of Egyptian history will love/hate this story. Fans of sci-fi won’t find enough to keep their interest. If you’re just looking for an action flick for a date, this might work for that as you’ll so distracted by your companion that you won’t notice the shortcomings on screen.

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Action, Adventure, Fantasy