Green Book (PG-13)

8.3 out of 10 stars (8.3 / 10)

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    The position that we start life in doesn’t have to determine the position that we stay in. Doctor Donald Shirley was gifted from an early age. As he grew, he shared his gift with the world, one location at a time. Times were different then though, a young black man, no matter how gifted, wouldn’t be accepted… Even with the gift. He wanted to make a difference so he chose to book a tour with his trio through the deep south. Though he could have been content staying in the areas he knew well, he wanted to help change the hearts and minds that listened to the music. He knew in order to do this, he’d need some help. While reaching out to find someone, a certain name kept coming up time and time again. Only, once meeting Tony, it wasn’t what either of them had hoped. That didn’t stop them from working it out. Together, they would cross state lines, they would cross many boundaries, and together they would form a friendship that would change both of them forever. This isn’t just the story about a musician, it isn’t just a story about racial tensions, it’s about more than any of that. Ultimately, it’s about standing up for what is right. Taking a stand in the midst of adversity, and especially the heart that comes with finding yourself along the way. It can be difficult to watch at times and isn’t for younger audiences, but it will surely touch all that choose to experience it.

    Stay into the credits for the true story of those involved.

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