Hacksaw Ridge (R) (2016)

8.0 Stars (8.0 / 10)

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The Review

One man determined to make a difference managed to do so in an unexpected way. As he watched his friends and family go off to war, he knew he needed to do more; so he joined up. He only had one request, he would proudly serve his country as a medic but there was just one thing he couldn’t / wouldn’t do. Why was he so determined to take a stand on this particular issue? Those answers will be revealed as the story is told. What we do see is his resolve to stand up for what he believed in. Even when he faced the unthinkable, he stood his ground. In doing so, he would do something that would remembered throughout history. All while staying true to what he believed in. This is based on a true story and is very powerful in the message that it portrays. It maybe tries a little bit too hard to be correct in an era when that wasn’t an issue but for the most part stays true to what happened. Come experience this powerful story for yourself, be prepared for a very graphic and very emotional story set forth by Mel Gibson. Make sure to stay into the credits for information on Desmond Doss and a others as well.

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