Halloween (R)

5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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    The Review

    John Carpenter’s Halloween reinvented how we thought of the monster behind the mask. Michael Myers was a monster that no one could have ever expected. After his killing spree years ago, he set his sights on one particular young lady, Laurie Strode. With the help of the authorities, Michael was taken into custody and kept in isolation. That one night would forever changer her life though. Even though she was free, she never felt safe. Her life became that of keeping her and her family safe. Doing so would isolate her from those closest to her. All in an effort to protect herself and them. The preparation that she has done seems a bit much, that is until she has to put it into action. Michael has escaped and is coming for her. Will all of her preparation be enough? We’re about to find out. John Carpenter’s decision to create a sequel to the original Halloween this many years later was controversial at best. Though there have been numerous sequels to the original, none were by him. So this basically undoes all of the other Halloween movies that have been made. It was a very controversial decision to jump into it at this point so many years later. Does it succeed? That alone is the question. Find out for yourself.

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