Hands of Stone (R) (2016)

Action, Biography, Drama, Sport | 111 min
5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)
hands of stone

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  • Genres: Action, Biography, Drama, Sport
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Roberto Duran, a boy that became a man before his time. His story began in Panama during one of biggest conflicts in Panamanian history. He quickly learned that what it was going to take to survive meant fighting. The fighting began as basic street fights but quickly progressed when he caught the eye of a local boxing trainer / promoter. Being taken under his wing, Roberto began to flourish. As he got better, he name got bigger. He would soon be a contender for the worldwide championship. There is only one boxer that stands in his way. When he has an opportunity to be trained by one of the best, he sees an opportunity. Only this particular opportunity comes with a risk to both parties involved. Will he achieve his dream? Even if so, will it be worth the cost… This is the true story of Roberto Duran: his career, his relationships, and his life. Boxing fans will be captivated by the realism brought forth, movie fans will appreciate the authenticity. Is this for you, that’s for you to decide.

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The true story of Roberto Duran. Duranメs story is one to be told. Growing up in the streets Panama, literally fighting for everything. Becoming a good boxer seemed to be natural for Duran. But it was when he caught the eye of Ray Arcel, (DeNiro), one of the best boxing trainers and one of the most respected men in boxing history. Arcel would take him from good boxer to a world champion boxer. We get to see his relationships, him dealing with the conflict taking place in his country during that time, and his journey to become a boxing legend. It was great to watch his story all unfold through all his challenges he faced. I love boxing movies and true story movies. Well, this one gave me both. If you like boxing movies, stories about the underdog and the struggles a fighter deals with, and love to watch some great boxing, then I believe you will enjoy this one. – Kevin (6/10)

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Action, Biography, Drama, Sport

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