Hangar 10 (NR) (2014)

2.0 Stars (2.0 / 10)

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The Review

This is an unusual tale about a highly controversial but widelyᅠrecognized phenomenon, This phenomenon I’m referring to is that of UFO‘s. A group of friends make a decision to go detecting in an area that is strictly off limits. Each of them is at a different experience level with metal detecting and even explain some of the equipment to us. The mysteries and questions mount as they proceed into the forest. When they come to a point where they need help, the only thing nearby is a military base. They begin to search for others to help them and end up finding much more. This story is told very much in the style of “Blair Witch“, with the shaky camera operations to the insinuation of fear where there isn’t any. The story is incredibly weak with only blips of anything to show there was ever a plot to begin with. It’s definitely not for everyone, as theᅠseemingly lack of focus tends to leave you daydreaming about anything but the story. This is one nightmare I couldn’t wait to wake up from…

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