He Named Me Malala (PG-13) (2015)

Documentary | 88 min
7.25 Stars (7.25 / 10)
he named me malala

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  • Language: English

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An incredible story of strength and survival is the basis of Malala’s story. Malala is two people, one a person from long ago that had the courage to speak up with everyone else wouldn’t, in doing so, she died. The other is the Malala we see today, though she was named after the other one, she has a voice all her own. She raises her voice to the masses to speak for those that have no voice. What is it that she is so passionate about? Something that many of us take for granted. Education… It is commonplace in many areas around the world but there are just as many places where it is prohibited. Though not prohibited for all, mostly it is just women that are prohibited from getting an education. Malala is determined to be the voice that changes that, not just for a few but for all. There are those that are as determined to silence her as she is to speak. These same people are the ones that shot her and left her for dead, what they didn’t realize though was exactly how strong she is. She was determined to survive, not to prove anything to anyone, but to speak for change. This incredible young lady is changing the world with her words, it’s not easy but she never has expected it to be. She just knows that it’s possible, and that’s all she needs. Come and be inspired by a young lady that might just change how you see the world.

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he named me malala

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