Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (PG) (2016)

Documentary, Family, Music | 103 min
(7 / 10)
let hope rise

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  • Genres: Documentary, Family, Music
  • Language: English

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It’s hard to imagine,ᅠhow something that started out as simply as Hillsong would become such a worldwide phenomenon. They could have never imagined how their music has inspired people of all ages, all wakes of life… all over the world. Let Hope Rise gives us an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes. From their earliest beginnings, to where they are today and everything in between. How it all affects their home and family life and the experiences that each of them go through. All the while keeping their focus on what is truly important. Being Christ centered. It’s not about the money, the fame or anything else to this group of musicians. It all comes down to spreading the word in a creative way that reaches out to people in ways that haven’t been done before. This story is definitely aimed at those of faith, though there are some parts that are relatable to all in the whole process. Those that live a Christ centered life will find this uplifting and inspirational, those who don’t might enjoy the music for what it is. This isn’t a story for all but it will definitely reach its target audience in a way that hasn’t been done before.

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let hope rise

Trailer: Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

Documentary, Family, Music

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