I, Tonya (R) (2018)

Biography, Drama, Sport, | 120 Min
(4 / 10)
I, Tonya

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Tonya Harding, trailer trash to triple axel. You think you know her story, after all, she’s been all over the media on and off since the early 1990’s, but do you really… Her life started out rough, a broken home, financially strapped, but on the bright side, she had an incredible gift. In order to further her ability, her mother enrolled her in lessons at a local skating rink. Initially, she was overlooked because of her age, but her talent soon overshadowed that. As the years passed, her home life got even worse and when she finally had an opportunity to escape it, she did. Little did she know that her escape would lead into an entirely separate hell of its own. The only thing she had left was her skating, and even that wasn’t good enough. Soon a plan would be hatched to ensure Tonya’s place in the spotlight. This plan would involve “taking out” another of her competitors, just not in the way you might think. Taking into account the public nature of what happened next, I shouldn’t have to divulge the details. It then began to be about the who and why? Well, we know the why but who was really behind it… We think we know, but there’s much more revealed her. Simply put, love her or hate her, her life was much more complex than many realize. Does that excuse what happened? Absolutely not, but this does give us some insight into her life like never before. What you deduce from it is up to you…

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