Incarnate (R) (2016)

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 10)

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The Review

When something inexplicably evil happens, people naturally think of an exorcism. But what if it’s a situation where that won’t help. There are those strange situations where religion doesn’t have the ways or means to solve the problem. That’s when Ember is called in. He has specific approaches that are outside the norm that tackle these impossible issues. How did he develop these methods? By experiencing something himself… His personal ties will bind him to the current goings on in unconventional ways. As the story plays out, things aren’t exactly as they seem and there are some twists that just might take you by surprise. This story is far from original, it’s a little bit of Insidious, a little bit of Inception and a pinch of The Exorcist. It leaves you wondering if there might be more to it but before you can ask yourselves that question, you must first dare to experience this. Is it for you, that’s something only you can decide.


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