Ingrid Goes West (R) (2017)

Comedy, Drama, | 97 min
2.25 Stars (2.25 / 10)
ingrid goes west

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    Desperate for a connection, Ingrid will do whatever it takes. She has recently lost her best friend, despair affects different people in different ways. Ingrid redirected hers towards other users on Instagram. By reaching out to others in this way, she’s setting herself up for extremes in all directions. With one particular connection that she makes, she’ll carry things too far and end up somewhere she never imagined. Her life needs a reboot, the way she approaches this is unconventional to say the least. Instagram once again is her best friend, that is until she meets this certain someone who just might turn things around. How will this play out for her? Will she find the life that she desires in others? Or will she finally realize that happiness is much more than that? This is a somewhat dark stalker dra-medy that fights itself the entire way. Just when you think you’ve figured it/her out, something else happens adding more to it (or taking away from it). The subject matter and theme involved will exclude most of it’s audience. There will be a few that will succumb to the charm here and for them this could be a cult classic. Is this so bad it’s good??? or just bad enough to stay away??? That’s up to you.

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