Insidious: The Last Key (R) (2018)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller, | 103 Min
(5.3 / 10)
insidious chapter 4

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Psychics and sidekicks… Though it may sound like it’s a punchline, it’s far from a joke. Elise is working with her spectral sidekicks to help solve spiritual issues. Everything seems fine until she gets a call from her past. This particular call will hit closer to home than she’d like to admit. Once they arrive, she’ll soon face not only the demons all around her but her own personal demons as well. This time the past isn’t going to stay there. Little does she know that her past is the only hope that she has for a future. By itself, it may not be much, but there’s more than there seems to be. With Elise and the spectral sightings guys, they seem to have enough. Little do they know that the one that they need is closer than they realize. Obscure and outrageous, we are taken along for a ride that will elicit a variety of emotions. A bit different from what we’ve seen ’til now, this may seem separate from what we’ve seen before, but don’t judge too soon. The devil is in the details, and the future is at stake. Will they be able to unlock the secrets before it’s too late? Is there more yet to come… Find out for yourself…

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