Instant Family (PG-13)

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)

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    Pete and Ellie have a perfect life. They are happily married, they own a successful construction business that renovates and flips homes, they don’t want for anything… Or do they? Even with everything that they have something is missing. What could it be? They start looking deeper and decide that they might want to be parents. They aren’t sure what it could entail but they want to try. After registering and completing foster parent training, they have a chance to meet some potential kids. At this meet and greet, they can’t seem to find a child that they click with. After striking out with many, they decide to approach the teenagers. Teenagers are overwhelmingly the largest group of unwanted kids in foster care. Here they meet Lizzie, an outspoken, blunt, and sassy teenager. Something about her got their attention. Upon inquiring, Pete and Ellie learned that it wasn’t just Lizzie but her 2 younger siblings as well. Instant family, right? Well, at first it appeared so. At least until someone else got involved in the situation further complicating matters. Would these kids be thrust back into the system, destined to question why… Would they be returned to their biological family? Or would they finally find a home? So many questions. So many answers. So many kids waiting for someone… This will take you through a variety of emotions, but how it ends may surprise you.

    Stay into the credits for some incredible information and photographs.

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