Interview With God (PG)

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

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    What if… A question that we ask ourselves time and time again when life gets complicated. Now, imagine, if you could sit down with God and ask him anything that you wanted to. The chance to find out the why. That is what happened to Paul. Upon returning from war (as a journalist), he finds his life isn’t as he had left it. Angry at the world, distant from his wife, he’s trying to figure out the why to no avail. Then, God reaches out to him directly to arrange for an interview. The curiosity itself behind the opportunity pulls at him to check it out. His arrival and subsequent meet wasn’t what he was expecting. As hard as he tried to ask questions, God was one step ahead directing the conversation. What Paul was hoping to get out of this was an interview and the answers to the hard questions. What he got was something entirely different. If you’re looking for the answers that you think God can provide, this isn’t much help. Though if you’re struggling with a personal crisis or a relationship issue… this will impact you more than you expect.

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