Isle of Dogs (PG-13) (2018)

Adventure, Animation, Animal, Comedy | 101 Min
7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
island of dogs

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In a time of fear, a proclamation is put into place that sentences all dogs to be exiled. This fear stems from illnesses that are transmittable to humans from dogs. Rather than focusing on the cure, Mayor Kobayashi chooses exile. In doing so, he sentences his ward Atari’s pet to the island as well. In violation of Kobayashi, Atari finds a way to get to the island to rescue his dog “Spots”. What Atari is about to find will be much more than he bargained for, his journey isn’t as simple as he originally thought and there are those what will work with him and work against him. You see, the dogs on the island have become very self-sufficient and some have even turned on the humans that betrayed them. There are others though that still think of man as their best friends. Atari’s journey will be wrought with many difficulties and hardships, but he is determined to find Spots. Even if he finds Spots, it won’t change the rules at home that exiled the dogs in the first place. So something more must be done… but what? A few individuals back home are working on something that could change everything. Will they succeed in time or is it already too late? A story about loyalty, friendship and fighting for what you believe in that will touch everyone in different ways. A bit intense for younger viewers, this will become a favorite for many.

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